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Experiences and Awards:

KC Directing Intensives ‘18 & ‘19

Assistant Director to Shanon Musgrave on the piece ON EVERY LINK A HEART DOES DANGLE by Tim J Lord. Through The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Engaged in Master Classes and talk backs from established and emerging artists form around the nation.

SDC Directing, National Festival Finalist ‘18

I nvited to The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as a Stage Director and Choreographer’s Directing Fellow. Engaged in Master Classes and Workshops through The Kennedy Center. Prepared scene concepts and direction to engage in collaboration with other artists.

SDC Directing Fellowship,

Award Recipient ‘18

Demonstrated success and achievements in direction. Directed scenes from selected works for public performances. Submitted a Directors Prompt Book for adjudication and participated in final interview for evaluation.

ASTEP Artist as Citizen Conference ‘18

Awarded scholarship to The Julliard School of the Arts. Focus on Artistic Excellence, Activism, and Entrepreneurship through Master Classes and Group Collaboration.

A Director’s Story

Having grown up in the San Gabriel Valley has influenced how I see the world. As a child, I watched movies and shows and constantly noticed: no one looks like me. As I grew older, I realized what I saw on stages and sceens didn’t reflect the community around me.

With my work, I intend to reflect the experiences of my generation onto the stage. I strive for audience engagement and to change the way Theatre is seen. It’s not a place to sit quiet, fold your hands, and politely watch while someone cries onstage-- Theatre requires ENGAGEMENT and CONNECTION. I seek to understand the human condition through the eyes of people like me. As an LGBTQ+ Latinx Artist, I want the world to see the color of my skin, to know the sound of my people’s voices, and to listen the story of a small boy in the SGV who grew up glued to a T.V. screen saying “that’s not me... but it will be.”

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