About Abel

Abel Marquez (He/Him/His) is a California based Director, Writer, Actor, and Arts Administrator. He has worked on many shows and events in the past, most recently as an Assistant Director for Jane Eyre: The Musical, a writer for an original work in Emerging American Voices, and as Student Liaison and Coordinator for KCACTF Region 8 Festival.

Abel was the SDC Directing Fellow Recipient for Region 8 in 2018, where he attended the National Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and was a National Finalist for the SDC Directing Fellowship in Washington, DC. Abel attended the ASTEP Artists as Citizen Conference at the Juilliard School of the Arts as well as being invited again to the Kennedy Center for the Directing Intensive that same year. In 2019, Abel was an Intern and Program Assistant for KCACTF National Festival at the Kennedy Center, where he worked the 50th Anniversary of National Festival, the 2019 “Arts Summit”, and the 2019 Directing/Playwriting Intensives.

In early 2020, Abel served on the Grant Selection Panlist for the California Arts Council as well as serving as a Student Liaison and Coordinator for KCACTF Region 8 in Southern California. Abel has recieved multiple scholarships from his institutions, including a Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship from Citrus College and a Services to the School Scholarship from CSUF.

Abel is currently studying Directing under Mark Ramont at California State University-Fullerton while serving on the KCACTF Latinx Student Council and Region 8 Board in California.

About Abel’s Work

Each person has a unique story to tell and possesses the ability to create works of art. My work focuses on creating an artistic culture reflecting the experiences of a modern audience. As a Life-Long Learner and educator, I believe art must be accessible to underrepresented communities by making these vividly diverse experiences visible on stage.

I create art to exert our inherent need for change and to illuminate the human condition. Whether it be through contemporary or classical work, I strive to find the voice of today’s generation. My art aims to provoke the world we know to dream of what it can be.

i believe in:

Artistic Excellence

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